Why choose Lopar as an ideal place for summer holidays?

As in every small place on the coast which is highly oriented to tourism, Lopar in the summer lives to the fullest.

Rab is an island of ancient history and rich cultural and natural attractions which you can explore on a daily basis. Again, when you want to relax in a casual Mediterranean environment of Lopar without too much noise and clamor, you can fully relax and "recharge your batteries" for the rest of the year, which flows into its normal operating activities.

Did you know that there are as many as 22 sand beaches in Lopar and the nearby area?

Hardly we can remember a seaside resort with such a richly indented coastline and a multitude of small, picturesque bays. Most of the beaches can be reached by car or by walking through nature, and thanks to easy access and shallow waters are ideal for an all-day family vacation with small children.

There are nearly 50 catering facilities of all categories in Lopar and its surroundings that take daily basis care for the richness and variety of gastronomic offer. Many of them prefer fresh seafood and vegetables grown in own gardens.

We believe that in such a culinary richness, you will also find your favorite place for a tasty bite and homemade drop.

After all-day enjoyment in the sun, the sea, and the sports activities, the best relaxation is a romantic evening walk and visit the amusement parks and terraces just by the sea, where "live" music is playing.

A diverse range of entertainment for all tastes and ages, creative hosts every year complement with the new and more interesting content.

It would be difficult to create a slogan that better describes the biker lifestyle of "Live to Ride", which we fully respect and support.

Every year the island of Rab and Lopar is visited by more and more two-wheels riding fans who appreciate free lifestyle, unity, and friendship. On our island, there is the Moto Club Rab, which traditionally organizes a successful motorcycle bikers meetings in Lopar. With gathering and sharing experiences, a lot of supporting facilities promises a great time. Welcome!

Wedding under the sea? We are not joking, it's nothing new in Lopar, and it is happening in Medova buža, several connected caves with the underwater entrance.

It is just one of the underwater attractions on the island, and underwater explorers are having on disposal four diving centers on the island, one of which is in Lopar. With daily diving excursions to attractive locations, you can opt for a one-week diving course or go exploring underwater with the assistance of experienced diving instructors.

Lopar, a pearl
of the Adriatic on the island of Rab

Many prehistoric ruins and early-century fortresses are witnessing about the continuity of life in Lopar, as well as on the whole island.

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Beautiful landscape and sunny coast