About Lopar


Lopar is just 12 km away from the city of Rab. It is surrounded by a group of small islands and islets (Goli Otok, Grgur, Lukovac, Školjić), and the clear and clean sea and beautiful sandy beaches make it the perfect place for a pleasant vacation. Despite the large competition on the tourism market, Lopar is always worth a visit and is an inevitable destination for many European tourists. What is the secret? The recipe for 100 years of successful tradition in tourism is actually simple. The preserved nature, rich cultural and historical heritage of the place and island, friendly hosts and continuous investments in improving the quality of tourism makes Lopar an ideal "small place for a great vacation". The result of such reflection is the numerous acknowledgments for achievements in tourism, from which we would emphasize the "Blue Sail" award for the best small tourist resort in Kvarner in 2003.

History, customs and traditions of Lopar

The rich cultural and historical heritage of the place and the island goes back to the earliest periods. Numerous prehistoric sites that tell about the continuity of life in this area have been found in the early 60s of the last century in 9 different locations on the peninsula part of Lopar. Numerous found historical artifacts are proof of a very intensive living in this area at the time of Roman antiquity. Tireless explorers who want to learn more about the history of the place and the island should visit the Lopar Geological Garden, where up to 50 marked points can look at unusually shaped rocks and geological profiles, as well as rare vegetation.

According to a narrative, Saint Marin was born in Lopar 17 centuries ago, and after being trained in stone craftsmanship, he sailed over the sea in today's Italy. Respected for his skills, but also persecuted because of his Christian sermons, he withdrew to the Mount Titan and soon gathered around like-minded individuals. There they built a church that was the center of their Christian faith, which is also considered to be the beginning of the Republic of San Marino - the oldest European republic. After the death, he was proclaimed saint and patron saint of San Marino, and on September 3, which celebrates the Day of Saint Marin was announced a state holiday. To his honor, many objects and institutions in Lopar bear his name, and every year during the event "Lopar Night-Return to the Roots", local residents are honoring him by the reenactment of his life and leaving Lopar.

Beaches of Lopar, excursions, and tours

Sandy beaches are quite rare on the Adriatic, and Lopar has as many as 22! With so many sandy beaches, but also a multitude of romantic, secluded coves in its neighborhood, it is not surprising that the Lopar is known as "sandy paradise". Paradise Beach is the largest and most famous, it is about 1.5 km long, with the most important tourist facilities of the place. Since 2003 it proudly wears the "Blue Flag", an international symbol of quality and environmental protection and safety of swimmers. Besides tourists from Lopar, a large part of all tourists on the island, as well as tourists from nearby islands enjoy in the beauties of the Paradise Beach. We will also mention the beaches Livačina, Podšilo, and Dubac, and we have not forgotten the nudists, for which Stolac beach is reserved, and can also enjoy swimming on the beaches of Ciganka and Sahara. The shallow and warm sea is perfect for an all-day stay for families with young children, and the most beaches are reachable by car or walk through nature.

Excursion boats daily transport tourists to nearby beaches and also organize day trips to the nearby islands of Sv. Grgur and Goli otok, where a former notorious prison takes place. Several boats are available for daily trips to the island of Krk and to the beautiful bay of Zavratnica, which reminds to Scandinavian fjords. Very attractive is a half-day sightseeing of the underwater world from the glass bottom boat, while to divers we recommend Medova buža as the biggest underwater attraction of the local waters. This natural phenomenon with the underwater entrance to three interconnected caves used to be the home of the Mediterranean bear. Today, it is a bait for all adventurers and diving aficionados who often organize their underwater weddings. Only 120 km from Lopar is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which UNESCO declared as a world heritage site in 1979, and whose beauty is breathtaking.

We believe that in the richness of all offered contents you will also choose the best for yourself.

Sports and entertainment

One of the most attractive entertainment and recreation centers on the island of Rab takes place in Lopar. It is located between hotel resorts, campsites, and private apartments. It offers numerous facilities for recreational or active athletes such as tennis, table tennis, mini golf, football or basketball. Your kids can find their party corner in thematic parks, or enjoy a trampoline and a variety of video consoles. All fans of outdoor recreation will welcome beach animation programs guided by professional animators. If you are a fan of healthy life and movement, and of the research spirit, then definitely spend a day in exploring the island with walking and cycling trails. 20 km of trails provide beautiful landscapes and natural beauty through which you will get to know the place and the island from a slightly different, unusual perspective. If you like beach volleyball, Paradise Beach is not just a right place for swimmers, but also a place where a beach volleyball tournament is held successfully for many years.

After all-day enjoyment in the sun, the sea, and the sports activities, the best relaxation is a romantic evening walk and visit the amusement parks and terraces just by the sea, where "live" music is playing. A diverse range of entertainment for all tastes and ages, creative hosts every year complement with the new and more interesting content. If you want to experience the idyllic of a small fishing village, do not miss a fishing party and welcome the morning with fresh seafood, a good local wine and a delightful "live" music. In recent years, the parish church often organizes concerts of spiritual and profane music and concerts of classical music. At the beginning of August do not miss the "Lopar Night-Return to the Roots", a manifestation that brings us back to some of the almost forgotten times of different way of living in Lopar. Along with the former way of life, the event presents the local gastronomy, as well as tools, traditions, and customs typical of our place.

We believe that we have given you enough reasons for holidays in our place and on the island. Once captured by all the charms of the island, you will want to come back again and explore all that you have missed. And maybe in that search, you will find yourself. Welcome.